Just one little word BE

Throughout the years I found myself embracing my word.. My one little word.. I reflect on it, soul search with it, and grow with it. Over the years I’ve remembered, explored, braved through, inspired, and changed myself as I continue my journey. Now as I reach year 6 I’ve decided to just BE…

Just be me.


Thanks Ali for this beautiful quote that truly sums it up. 


This is me… A beautiful strong woman who did her best to be brave even against  unimaginable odds. I will always remember that it was what happened that changed my life and directed it on such an inspirational path. I will continue to explore and grow to this woman I’ve become, and just be everything I want to be


 Everything I do is to become someone she can look up to and say “this is my mother, she is strong and beautiful, I know I can always stand tall and be myself because she did the same”


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