Life + Preschool 

As we work our way into October I feel it’s time I do an update on all things life and Emma.

The last few months she’s been focusing on preschool. For the first time she’s away for over 6 hours a day 4 days a week. So as you can imagine this is a huge fan of change and there has been adjustments made but overall she’s doing very well.

She has a special love for her teachers. When asked who her friends at school were she said Mrs. Janice and Mrs Emily. As the month go on the students are becoming the friends!!

Questions I asked Emma about school-

1. Best friend – Aremiah, Meghan, Ali and Jeremiah

2. Favorite thing- play toys and pick up toys… (Only my child would find additional enjoyment from cleaning)

3. Excited about school- yeah!!! let’s go tomorrow because Arimiha is sleeping and I’m watching tv.

Now that sounds fun I bet she can’t wait for the next day at school.


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