Great ways to engage your kids and encourage learning during Summer vacation. 

As we reach the halfway point of summer break I’m finding that I’m having to come up with new ways to engage Emma in unique learning opportunities! Now we still spend our time with devices sometimes for entertainment and other times for learning, but that’s solo play. 

I began the summer with two main goals- Reading and Swimming. Now considering how terrible the weather has been we haven’t got much swimming in… But the reading has been great. Books are the obvious one, but another great way is play games!! 

If you haven’t checked out Monopoly Junior for your kids, it’s awesome!


It’s the perfect way to engage them! It’s not only fun but now Emma’s been learning about money, working on counting, reading, and structure. She has to count her die, count the moving spaces, then she reads the cards or game space, counts money, and has to follow the structure of gameplay. I can’t wait to purchase some more junior games! We tried the new frozen slide game but I just consider those fun games at this point… You really just spin and move. Great for counting though if you are working on that with your little one. 

Next great way to engage structure and routine… Is chores!! I don’t care what the age is chores should be done. 

We use this chore list I downloaded from Pinterest which you can click here to find

Talk about an excellent way to get her on routine!! She has to read the chore then go out and do it. I usually wonder around with her and help out, but she just loves to help around the house. I’ll be honest she loves it so much because she knows mommy has chores too. I keep a clean organized house and do my share of chores, so it doesn’t seem like a tedious task but more of a mommy/daughter fun thing. She we do anything for those little black stars! No money required. 

Lastly we do mommy/daughter(or son/family/etc) dates. We are blessed to live in a community that’s big with things to do but here is our list of ideas that may help you in your search. This is our summer bucket list. 

  1. Kid summer movies
  2. Library
  3. Art festivals
  4. Spray parks/swimming pool
  5. Games
  6. Art sessions
  7. Gardens
  8. Ice cream shop
  9. Roller skating 
  10. Bike rides
  11. Shopping 
  12. Cave tours
  13. Hiking
  14. Vacation
  15. Zoo
  16. Spa visit
  17. Picnics




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