The current state of Life

1. Work

2. Listening

3. Reading 

4. Playing

5. Makeovers

6. Gaming

7. Projects

8. Healthy

Oh life how easy you are to some up into 8 little words. The focus has been on playing and working, while reading, gaming, doing projects, and listening to music, trying to lose 20lbs, doing all kinds of new projects, and continuing to just stay sane as I get closer to the big 29! 

I have to say though, I found myself discussing age recently with a new hire of mine, and I find that I have no dread or concerns as I edge closer to 30. Like I told him I’m finally starting to know who I am, accepting who I am, then embracing it as well. I’ve strongly held to my one little word this past year by exploring really who I am… I find that I love it!! 

That’s one happy mommy and kiddo right there, and I wouldn’t change a moment of the life I’ve been given or change myself. I am who I want to be. 

Thanks Ali Edwards for such inspiring words. 

Just continue embracing who you are, because you are awesome!! 


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