Simple approach to Project Life

So recently I’ve been sharing with friends about my different approaches to documenting life. Now I love this blog, my tumblr page, any my mommy+me journals… But the one that tops them all is my project life albums! There is one for each year of Emma’s life ranging from 12×12 to 6×8 and are full of journaling, memorabilia, and photos! 

So when someone wants to know what way I recommend to document life- the project life approach I would say is the best, most approachable way to do it. It can be as simple or crazy as you wish and that can be changed day to day. It can be anything you want it to be. With the popularity of the project life system these days it’s even easier than before. 

I’m going to share how I go about creating and documenting. I prepare by taking photos!! As many as possible, as often as I want, and of anything you can think of. You’ll be surprised at how awesome things will be 20-30 years from now. I also include everything Emma of course but also me, family, friends, and events. Next I record things that have happened via Facebook, Instagram, journals, tumblr, or my blog here. 

Once I’m ready to start a spread I gather my supplies


  • A 3 ring album and page protectors. 4×4, 6×8, 6×12, or 12×12 all your choice based on how big you want to go. 
  • Filled cards. All sizes either paper, journal cards, and kits from project life or other brands. The cards are endless these days. 
  • Printed photos. I print personally on a 4×6 canon selphy printer. I use a beautiful mess application on iPhone to create unique sizes or add text to photos. 
  • I gather my extra supplies like pens, glue, tape, embellishments, and little extra memorabilia. Not all necessary but things I like to add for an extra kick. I usually purchase embellishments when I buy from Studio Calico. A company that gathers filler cards and embellishments. 

Now after that I’ll grab a card and photos/memorabilia/pens and start to put together my insert card. Sometimes it’s just a photo, sometimes a card, just a journal card, and sometimes a mini scrapbook card.  This is the creative part. 

After you create the card you insert it into the page protector and you are finished!! I’m sharing a spread I did tonight. Took me all of an hour to do from start to finish. 





I used multiple approaches and techniques, but look at how great it all flows together. I hope it inspires you to give project life a try. Look to Pinterest or Instagram for more inspiration!! Also Studio Calico, Becky Higgins blog, and Ali Edwards blog are all amazing sources of inspiration. 


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