Brainstorming a new approach to organizing life.

Wow that’s just too long to go without an update. Sometimes being a Digital Director for a company just overpowers my ability to continue a process of digitally capturing your life via blog.

After a day of marketing meetings and planning at work it reminds me that I haven’t updated it came up with things to share here, but I am also completely and utterly without the brain power remaining to create actual content for a post. 

What I need is a regular feed that combines the aspect of a blog feed, news feed, and photo feed, that updates via a single app and I think that’s tumblr…. yet it’s just not overly appriate or used by others. 

Maybe I need to end the blog and yet it’s hard to let a 4 year project go. I need to take and make a hard copy of everything and close it out, or come up with a major gameplan.  This girl can’t keep up a –

Facebook news feed

Pinterest pin board

Instagram photo feed

Tumblr blog

And a word press blog all while maintaining a Twitter, facebook, Instagram, website, and newsletter for the salon without a better strategy.

I really need to plan it out like I plan everything else. I’m a girl with a checklist for my checklist yet I have absolutely no timeline or planner for the marketing/social media aspect of my life. 

Like here is my monthly planner and checklists I find to organize my personal life… I use to do block schedule via my iCal for work but managing a new business, training an apprentice, coordinating all education, new hiring training, handling all marketing, digital media, inventory, and running the front of house in the salon I found that running something so tight had adverse affects.. I stopped.

My goal is to reflect on my one little word – explore, and I’m going to breathe in some new life into my stressful life. As someone who strives on organization I don’t know how I’ve gotten so lost. I’m going to research into ideas to better organize life, manage work and personal life, manage time with kids and getting tasks completed, and how to personally track my goals, work schedule, husband and daughter scheduled, and my personal life.


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