Gift guide- create that perfect little gift box

So if you are like me you’ll find any reason to buy a gift. I don’t care if you are 1 or 101 I want to buy you something! Now I also know about the stress of buying a gift. Sometimes you want to grab a gift card and call it good. It’s not very personal so if you actually like person lets get more create than that. So here is the way I go about buying for someone I actually like!!

First- do your research!!
With how social media is they are pretty much telling you exactly what they want! This will take the guess work out of it for you. What we tend to do the most is buy for ourselves but give those items to others. Just because you like this certain style or color doesn’t mean the person you are buying for does!!

Let’s use my 18 year old little sister!! She’s 18 and I’m 28… So yeah style won’t work. She’s super funky, crazy to point, and so fun! We always can relate by talking books, and she listens to all this crazy music I don’t even know about.

This is what I did for her. I bought her a rock tee from hot topic, the divergent book, some dark chocolate and inserted a little personal card. She was so excited about it!! I also gave her clues and hid it somewhere so she had to solve riddles to get it.

Say if you need additional help I would go to Pinterest. Look at the boards and see what they are pinning. I just went to hers and seen her pin this tote.

What an easy diy that could be?!? You know she will love it because she pinned it. Easy peasy.

Second- set a budget and create a list, but be ok with deviating if you find something… THEY would like not YOU Remember you are shopping for them not yourself. The list will help keep you in check. I tend to deviate when I come up with a better idea or if I see something that screams the person I’m buying for. Great example of one of my gift buying lists is my Christmas shopping list. I set my budgets and I stayed pretty well within them. I also tend to use sales and my wholesale discount when I can. When I share my gift boxes, my budgets and what’s in them don’t always seem to mesh, but it’s because of the perks of my job… Try to do the same in your situations!


I ended up switching things up when I did some Black Friday shopping and bought wholesale products, but the lists helped keep me going.

Go shopping- keep to your lists and budgets, shop around, look for sales, and pay attention to what you’ve already bought if you are looking for a theme. I don’t always color or theme, but with my ocd it tends to happen. I also tend to coordinate more if I’m not enclosing the gift, more in gift baskets, but to each its own in those cases.

Lastly- don’t forget the packaging!! It’s really what pulls the gift together!! I always tell my girls that I’m teaching or training that it’s all about presentation! I think it’s even the case when you are gift giving. When you are handed something packaged with more care you know more care was given to what is inside. Funny story about that was I was told by my brother in law I put his gift wrapping to shame he was stepping up his game because of how I wrapped gifts this year. So have fun with it, grab some paper, a bag, some ribbon, some filler, tissue paper, or whatever and get creative.

Check out my insta feed to see some gifts I’ve put together for different celebrations.






I’ll share my entire holiday in a gift giving- holiday edition.

Thanks everyone and please remember-
For it is in giving that we receive.
Francis of Assisi


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