One Little Word 2015


This year my word just spoke to me and it was set.
2015- explore
Joining the previous years
2014- brave
2013- change
2012- inspire
2011- remember

I’m compartmentalizing it into three basic goals-

1. Explore the body. I want to push my limits by exercising and finding new ways to shake off everything before this. I have the confidence I’ll expand my body and I’ll be more adventurous when I’m finished! I know we already have plans to climb a 14ft mountain, run a 5k, and travel. My job keeps me rather sedentary and I hope to rectify that this year! Why am I already seeing blood, sweat, and tears.

2. Explore the mind. I want to really expand my talents, knowledge, and experience new things. Maybe I’ll learn a new painting technique, read new books, and create things I didn’t think I could. I want to see the world from others eyes and see things in a new light. I see this resulting in many fails, many conquers, and an entirely new outlook on life.

3. Explore the soul. This is the true exploration of my inner self. I still at times (despite being 28) believe I haven’t fully found myself. Who am I? This question I hope to be able to see where I’m going. I’ve always waged an inner battle with this that I’m not afraid to admit. I will meditate, use positive affirmations, journal, write letter, and continue to blog and share as I continue to discover all of myself.

I will hope others join me on this adventure. See Ali Edwards one little word video, blog, and Instagram hashtag #onelittleword for constant inspiration.


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