December Daily- a December project

As you guys know I love a good project! Whether it be a diy project, art project, or whatever project.. I make sure that it’s as stress free as possible. What fun is a project that you are stressed about? If you take each project as an inspiration rather than copy of what someone else does, you can make it your own. This time I’m doing just that with a holiday project.

I’ll attempt Ali Edwards December Daily.

December Daily® is a December mini-album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas. The simple goal is to capture the spirit of December via one story per day.

This project has grown exponentially since the first time I started following Ali awhile back. I’ve completed a few December Daily projects in the following years so I will keep in mind the things that worked and didn’t work for me.

The key goal is to capture stories not the fluff. One thing I love about Ali is she’s focused on documenting every day “real” life. As the project has grown so has the demand for easier ways or more creative ways to document your month of December. She’s created an entire December Daily system if that’s a route you would like to take. in no way would I ever use the amount of project life items or maintain this project well enough to drop the $$$ on purchasing the kit. Its stinking adorable though.

Some things to consider are how do I want to document the everyday stores and how do I want to preserve those stories. Written journal, iPhone notes, blog posts, Filofax type planner, and project life are some of the usual ways I’ve seen. I usually use a combination, this year I plan on using my iPhone, creating some posts, and creating one 3×4 card in my project life. I’m using Instagram as well but taking a photo and uploading it with a description and hashtag. Here is what I did for my day 1-
I uploaded this photo to Instagram and wrote in the description- #decemberdaily December 1st-my view today. Don’t forget those hashtags if you are looking to share outside your Instagram friends. There is a group of people who do this project so a lot of inspiration is out there on Instagram by following that hashtag.


Next I’ll do a 3×4 card. I’ll keep my options open rather or not I’ll add in a photo with the card. I won’t want to print a photo everyday and I doubt I’ll want to include every photo so I’ll keep my options open with that. One of the biggest tips I can give you is- be flexible! Last year I made the foundation pages like she does and I was way overwhelmed. I felt like I couldn’t skip because I had theses 25 cards and all these slots for photos and journaling. Sometimes I just wanted to throw the project and not look back! That is the worst way to feel about a project.


So as i take on this December project I’ll keep updating with album views, Instagram updates, and stories! Happy December guys.


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