Family art projects+Family times = the best times

This year we got to stay home. Absolutely zero traveling, putting on makeup, or entertaining anyone. We got to sit on the couch and hangout together. We played some video games and made a simple but classic thanksgiving lunch that consisted of classic items like turkey, corn, potatoes, rolls, stuffing, and deviled eggs. It took only 2 hours to make, and wasn’t stressful. I did forget the pie, but I doubt I could have held any more food.

Normally we travel and eat somewhere, it just didn’t work this year. On my side they are meeting Black Friday so I’ll be working, and daddy’s side is working too. Uncle Shane runs a Walmart which are insane during these times. The craziness of Black Friday shopping will keep the poor man on his feet for 80 hours this week alone. Then papa Duane is a major in the highway patrol so this year he’s been sent to ferguson, mo. Which sadly is equivalent to a war zone. There’s a bunch of people using an event to spark riots against what they believe was police brutality and racial discrimination. The result of everything is we don’t have grandpa home for thanksgiving.

This is the time we should be giving thanks for everything we have.

I created this- I’m thankful list.
Inspired by Pinterest as usual. This one you kind find the original here

We filled it out over the month of November. These are the things we are thankful for-




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