How to- put a Christmas tree together in less than a minute

This year that happened. Yes I put my tree together in less than a minute. You’re skeptical, I understand… But this is how it happened.

Step 1- Tell your husband to take down the Christmas tree.

Step 2- Said husband listens when you arrive home next so you don’t question it.

Step 3- you’ll later find out he’s placed a fully decorated tree in your storage area. This area is in fact not visible on a daily basis so you haven’t realize for a couple months.

Step 4- decide that it is in fact “taken down” stairs and that you don’t really see a point in taking it down now.

Step 5 wait until thanksgiving because let’s face it, it’s insane to put your tree up before thanksgiving.

Step 6- carry the tree up stairs and plug it in.

Tree officially put up in less than a minute this year.



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