Things I’ll teach my daughter

1. You are a princess
2. You are strong
3. Have good music in your life
4. Be the best friend
5. Know the true friends will always be there
6. You can go anywhere
7. Follow your heart
8. Don’t let anyone crush your spirit
9. We will always love you
10. Embrace your inner girl
11. Always love yourself
12. Chocolate too
13. Take lots of pictures
14. Watch sappy romance movies just because
15. Wear your heels
16. Be yourself no matter what
17. Always use the best makeup
18. You can pull off that lip color so wear it
19. You’re beautiful just the way you are
20. Doesn’t mean you need to feel bad embracing it
21. Go to a music festival
22. Travel the world
23. Do what makes your soul happy
24. Drink coffee, if you want
25. Drink whatever in moderation
26. Everything will be okay
27. Ignore color, sex, and religion
28. Find your own beliefs
29. Read romance novels
30. Wear sexy underwear just because
31. Find the one, he exists
32. Have late nights
33. Give everyone a chance
34. They deserve it
35. Learn to cook one meal
36. Don’t neglect yourself
37. It’s cleanse, tone, then moisturizer
38. Create your own style
39. Be inspired by others
40. If you don’t know it, learn it
41. Document everything
42. Create a bucket list
43. Organize your life, it helps
44. Always come home when you can
45. Know we will always be there
46. The best drink is a grande mocha latte from Starbucks
47. Chocolate can substitute anything
48. Know what’s in your heart
49. Follow it
50. Read until you feel better
51. A book, good music, and a drink makes a relaxing night at home
52. Give that one guy a chance
53. Believe in second chances
54. Be passionate about it
55. Watch terrible girl TV shows
56. Know how to survive
57. Play video games
58. Always dance
59. Play cards against humanity
60. Always use good shampoo
61. Treat yourself with nice clothes
62. Take pride in your home
63. Yeah that means you have to clean everything
64. But if you don’t want to right away, that’s okay too
65. Listen to broken bells at least once for me
66. Go shopping even if it’s just window shopping
67. Know your budget, that’s not what credit cards are for
68. Meet someone who knows you and respects you for who you are
69. Yeah he’s out there
70. By the way, it’s okay if it’s a she too
71. You can never be over dressed.
72. Don’t go in public in your sleepwear- it’s just not classy
73. Heels, toms, chucks, or barefoot it’s all good
74. Find your beliefs, religion, or spirituality- it’s your choice
75. Know there is something greater out there
76. Always respect nature
77. And those who know more on the subject than you
78. Find the real friends they will always be there
79. Don’t grow up too fast
80. Yes I’ll share my shoes, makeup, and dresses
81. No I won’t share my latte get your own
82. This is life. Make it magical
83. Know what dry shampoo is
84. Get to the front row of a concert
85. Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous
86. It always seems impossible until it’s done
87. Be you, bravely
88. Have a one little word
89. Enjoy this moment
90. Yes ice cream does make it better
91. Know you can always come to me
92. Even when you need your hair held back

This post was inspired by daydreaminginink


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