Meet Lattes & Hearts

After 4 years of blogging on my first blog- I’ve decided it’s time to start a new blogging adventure.

I’ve been beyond tired of trying to navigate and work blogger so the first step in this new change was to swap blogging platforms! I’ve spent a lot of time working on blog design- I’ve decided that this time, I won’t. I will over complicate a minimalist blog which completely defeats the purpose of being minimalistic.

So I’ve created Lattes & Hearts. This will be a place where I gather all my thoughts in a journal. I’ll also gather things, share projects, keeping everything real, and will never stage a scene. I’ll also share things I’ve learned over time as a mom, project lifer, artist, stylist, and a minimalist. There wont be a shortage of Diy’s, gift ideas, inspiration, project life pages, and life lessons.

Share this adventure with us, it will be so much fun!

This is real life, make it magical



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