Just one little word BE

Throughout the years I found myself embracing my word.. My one little word.. I reflect on it, soul search with it, and grow with it. Over the years I’ve remembered, explored, braved through, inspired, and changed myself as I continue my journey. Now as I reach year 6 I’ve decided to just BE… Just be […]

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Life + Preschool 

As we work our way into October I feel it’s time I do an update on all things life and Emma. The last few months she’s been focusing on preschool. For the first time she’s away for over 6 hours a day 4 days a week. So as you can imagine this is a huge […]

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The current state of Life

1. Work 2. Listening 3. Reading  4. Playing 5. Makeovers 6. Gaming 7. Projects 8. Healthy Oh life how easy you are to some up into 8 little words. The focus has been on playing and working, while reading, gaming, doing projects, and listening to music, trying to lose 20lbs, doing all kinds of new […]

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Simple approach to Project Life

So recently I’ve been sharing with friends about my different approaches to documenting life. Now I love this blog, my tumblr page, any my mommy+me journals… But the one that tops them all is my project life albums! There is one for each year of Emma’s life ranging from 12×12 to 6×8 and are full […]

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Project Life year 5- January

So January was an amazing month! I’ve continued to embrace the 6×8 and seems to be fitting my life right now. I still don’t know how things will continue but I’m finding it helps still going smaller so I continue to keep up to date! I kept it rather simple and to the point! I […]

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